With approximately 350 units, we transport your goods throughout Europe.

  • Groupage
  • Pallets & other Goods
  • Crossdocking
  • Joloda


With additional services, we speed up and improve your logistics process.

  • Unloading
  • Sorting
  • Combining
  • Regroup
  • Loading


With approximately 170,000 m2 of storage space, we guarantee safe storage for your goods.

  • Multiple locations
  • Good location
  • All type of goods
  • Any period

For companies in Europe in need of Groupage, LTL-FTL, and Joloda Transport

It's time for Vortex Logistics

Step 1


We discuss your wishes for transport, handling, and storage. Whether it’s groupage, paper transport, pallets, storage, transfer, from and to Germany and Europe. At Vortex Logistics, we do it all. We explain how we fulfil our promise of being fast, punctual and together from your request.

Step 2

Customized Script and Test shipment

We always start by creating a customized script, a plan of action, outlining how we will address your logistical needs. We document our agreements, including information submission, handling of goods, transportation and delivery to your location. Based on this customized script, we conduct a trial shipment and evaluate its success.

Step 3

Speed, certainty and convenience

The outcome of the trial shipment is for you to experience our passion and see how we address your logistical needs. We demonstrate how we provide you with speed, certainty, and convenience through effective communication and expertise. Vortex Logistics. From A to Z. Fast. Punctual. Together.




shipments per day


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Vortex Logistics

Fast. Punctual. Together.

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